Patient Reviews
  • physical therapy Caldwell ID

    Condition: Arm Pain

    After surgery for a torn supraspinatus and bicep, my path to recovery began. Over 14 weeks, I worked with Elizabeth and Jake, who were great! Rehab through pain was not their goal. Smart rehab was their goal...

    Michael C.

  • physical therapy Caldwell ID

    Condition: Arm Pain

    Going through therapy from relatively intense elbow pain to feeling absolutely no pain or discomfort would seem almost miraculous... If it wasn’t for all the imaginative home therapy that really makes it all work. And it really works!!...

    Steve E.

  • physical therapy Caldwell ID

    Condition: Knee Pain

    These people are awesome! They got me up and running after knee surgery. They made it fun to be here. I would tell everyone to come here. Kayla, Dan, and Meghan, you are the best! Look for me next spring for my other knee...

    Lois M.

  • physical therapy Nampa ID

    Condition: Hand Pain

    When I first came in I was having trouble sleeping, standing to cook dinner after working all day or my hands would go to sleep while I was driving. I was dropping things because of my hands going to sleep and the pain I was in...

    Khrista H.

  • physical therapy Nampa ID

    Condition: Back Pain

    I was referred to physical therapy after injuring my lower back and shoulders throwing a heavy garbage sack. After my first appointment I felt so much better! I had four more appointments and was completely better!...

    Margaret S.

  • physical therapy Nampa ID

    Condition: Neuropathy

    I started PT to rebuild strength and mobility after a spinal fusion. I had weakness overall in my legs, back, and hips, as well as numbness and balance issues on my left side. Kyle and Ashley worked on building my core strength and leg strength, as well as bending, stretching, and coordination...

    Marilyn W.

  • Condition: Back Pain

    When I came, my back pain was terrible. It limited my ability to join my family in many activities. I am now able to do so much more with my family and have decreased my pain levels to 1-3, previously it was 6-8 most days. I enjoyed working with the girls at APT. The home exercise program helps my back a lot.

    Corinne L.

  • Condition: Back Pain

    I was sent to Altitude Physical Therapy from the Spine Institute due to a car accident. I had a neck injury and was in a good amount of pain from it. Mike and Kyle worked with me two times a week for about two months and I am now able to return to my normal activities thanks to Altitude Physical Therapy! You guys are great! Thank you!

    Jewel B.

  • Condition: Balance

    When I first came to therapy I was experiencing many difficulties in getting around without tripping and falling too often. We had been in the process of moving and my feet and legs and balance were out of sync. Kyle and Ashley were very helpful in getting me back to more normal walking and balance. Thank you

    Fred F.

  • Condition: Shoulder

    Before coming to Altitude Therapy my left shoulder would not allow me to pick up much. After seeing my personal doctor he sent me to Altitude Therapy. Since coming, everyone has been great to work with and very personable. They kept asking how the exercises felt and if they caused any pain. I am now back to 100% and feel great. I would recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy. They are angels in disguise.

    Don S.

  • Condition: Shoulder

    I came in unable to do any basic household chores, laundry, dishes, washing my hair, carrying my daughter. So it made keeping up with my house and family very difficult and most days it did not happen at all. My husband had to do all of it until I came here and the staff helped me get my strength back and pain to be a distant memory. They were very accommodating and helpful. I can now go back to the gym and have a clean house and a happy family! Thank you

    Brandy N.

  • Condition: Knee Pain

    I was pretty bummed out when I tore my ACL, because it meant that I couldn't rock climb. Altitude helped me get back on the wall in no time! I now have way more confidence in my knee, and no shortage of exercises to help me continue to get stronger. Thank you for meeting me where I was at, and for helping me climb again!

    Aly W.

  • Condition: Neuropathy

    I had a concern over a mix of tingling, numbness, and over-sensitivity in my left ring finger brought me to APT. Exercises determined by the therapists have helped me through this and or the road to a more comfortable and productive existence. These folks are wonderful.

    Pam H.

  • Condition: Hip Pain

    Before I came to PT I had a great deal of difficulty getting into a car or moving in such a way that I had to turn with weight on my left hip. The series of exercises that I was given, over time, pretty much completely solved my problems. I can now do everything I had difficulty with before. I walk in the mountains, play with the pets, and have no trouble loading or unloading my pick-up. PT was extremely valuable for me.

    Philip G.

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