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  • Altitude PT

    Condition: Shoulder Pain

    Thank you to all your staff and you for helping me with my shoulder. I had little range of motion now I have full. Thank you for being a nice and caring therapist. You girls are the best. There’s no other place I would go to, to do my physical therapy. Thank you.

    Robert M., Nampa

  • Altitude PT

    Condition: Shoulder Pain

    After years of pain & limited mobility following multiple injuries over time, I had almost given up on ever being pain-free again. I was pretty sure I had structural damage to my shoulder & was experiencing system-related problems in my elbow & wrist. I am amazed at how much the stretching & exercises have worked to restore my mobility & reduce pain. I now experience almost no pain. My goal is to stay strong & mobile as I age. Many thanks to Sean, Trey & Austin for giving me back my shoulders & teaching me skills I can use every day!

    Troy M., Nampa

  • Altitude PT

    Condition: Neuropathy

    When first diagnosed with neuropathy the doctor told me I would have to live with the pain. Someday in the future, I would not be able to drive and would end up in a wheelchair. After 18 visits and 9 Weeks, the pain is down by about 50%. The nerve feelings of needles have subsided greatly. Balance is still an issue, but there has been much improvement. Highly recommend this treatment for anyone dealing with neuropathy of any kind.

    Paul Canary, Nampa

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