Rotator Cuff Workshop

Rotator Cuff Workshop

What is shoulder pain?

Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain can be extremely annoying and make even the simplest tasks painful or difficult.

Whether your shoulder has been bothering you for a few days or for several years, the shoulder pain specialists at Altitude Physical Therapy have years of experience helping people like you return to work, sports, and all the activities you’ve been missing.

Our shoulder pain specialists will listen to you share what motions and activities are painful or difficult, evaluate your movements, and perform tests to determine what is causing your pain. Then, we’ll explain what a successful treatment program will look like. Our proven combination of hands-on treatment, exercises, and education is based on the best research and will get you feeling good again.

Do you have shoulder pain when you:

  • Reach up high?
  • Lift something heavy?
  • Reach behind your back?
  • Sleep at night?
  • Reach into the back seat?
  • Do work around the house or yard?
  • Get dressed?