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My journey began with a torn rotator cuff. Knowing I was destined for surgery, I interviewed several PT offices prior to surgery. Sean's explanation of the rehab path before and after surgery gave me confidence in Altitude PT. After surgery for a torn supraspinatus and bicep, my path to recovery began. Over 14 weeks, I worked with Elizabeth and Jake, who were great! Rehab through pain was not their goal. Smart rehab was their goal. First 7 weeks were about regaining range of motion. My challenge was patience, as this is a slow and deliberate process. Altitude's staff were all very encouraging. My last 7 weeks included range of motion and stability. At 15 weeks, my surgeon gave me the thumbs up and complimented my PT staff. Thank you to Sean, Elizabeth, Jake, Cherie and Dan for guiding me through a difficult process. Thank you!

- Michael "MTrain" C., Nampa

PS. Every visit was an "adventure". That staff always had a new event, theme or "topic of the day" that made my visits fun and enlightening. Elizabeth and Cherie → thank you for the new knowledge I now have about… life!

Going through therapy from relatively intense elbow pain to feeling absolutely no pain or discomfort would seem almost miraculous….. If it wasn't for all the imaginative home therapy that really makes it all work. And it really works!!

- Steve E., Nampa

These people are awesome! They got me up and running after knee surgery. They made it fun to be here. I would tell everyone to come here. Kayla, Dan, and Meghan, you are the best! Look for me next spring for my other knee.

- Lois M., Nampa, ID

When I first came in I was having trouble sleeping, standing to cook dinner after working all day or my hands would go to sleep while I was driving. I was dropping things because of my hands going to sleep and the pain I was in. I thought it was all in the right side of my back. As Kayla worked with me and looked into it more she found it was more in my neck and back at the same time working against me. As she got my neck to calm down and work the angry muscle out of my shoulder and back all started falling together really fast. Between the home workouts and what she was doing here I am doing so much better. I have learned strengthening my neck and back together helps the most. Thanks to this amazing team I am walking, sleeping and playing a lot happier.

- Khrista H., Nampa

I was referred to physical therapy after injuring my lower back and shoulders throwing a heavy garbage sack. After my first appointment I felt so much better! I had four more appointments and was completely better! What I really appreciated was the many exercises the therapists gave me which strengthened my entire body and which I can continue to do at home. The entire experience was extremely worthwhile and pleasant.

- Margaret S., Caldwell

I started PT to rebuild strength and mobility after a spinal fusion. I had weakness overall in my legs, back, and hips, as well as numbness and balance issues on my left side. Kyle and Ashley worked on building my core strength and leg strength, as well as bending, stretching, and coordination. I felt better and stronger after each visit. I received one on one, undivided attention. I was both motivated and entertained by my therapist's motivation and great senses of humor(which I really appreciated!). I am stronger, my balance is much better and I have been given the tools to continue my progress on my own. Thank you Kyle, Ashley, and Marty!

-Marilyn W., Caldwell