My Presenting Challenges were with lower back weakness coupled with pain, balance, mobility issues and pain afflictions in hips and knees. Rather than address all my challenges at once, Steve designed a program that began with exercises that addressed my lower back and my balance. The movements of stepping over obstacles increased my confidence and stability which relieved my tension in lower back. This tension release positively helped my lower back lessening the pain. It is amazing how interconnected our body’s systems, processes, and operations are. God created an amazing, effective, efficient body! All of these improvements in balance and lower back positively improved my mobility – resulting in much less pain, less pain medication as well.

I highly recommend physical therapy, especially the professionals like Steve of Altitude Physical Therapy. This story would be incomplete without the recognition of Cherie, our French all around front office person who brings energy, entertainment, and effervescence to aching clientele.

Abraham H.

Due to my hip replacement, I had trouble walking and lifting my right leg. Getting in and out of a car was hard and I needed a lot of help. My PT helped me with all of this and I feel like a new person. My PT instructor was pleasant and easy to be around, I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Heide S.

The massages that Steve did on my right forearm really relieved the pain I was having in my right wrist. Before PT, I had lots of troubles holding on to plates, pots and pans, even for short periods of time (like setting the table). Now, it is getting easier. Even though from time to time, the pian in my right wrist flares up, it doesn’t happen quite as often as before. Thanks to the exercises practiced at PT (flipping cards, grabbing beans…), it is easier to handle small objects.

Eliane B.

I had a great time here. Both people are great people. They did great with helping me restrengthen my ankle. Thank you.

Seth R.

My experience with PT has been fantastic. I have learned new ways and stretches to relieve a large amount of pressure in my back. I had trouble sitting for long periods of times and numerous muscle spasms, and now with the tools I have learned my spasms have lessened significantly.

Kayla B.

Before coming here I was unable to walk or stand for a long period of time without having back pain. I am now pain free when it comes to my back. I am no longer having daily headaches.

When I injured my elbow I was concerned that I would have to have surgery. But I got the best care possible and reassurance that everything would be fine. I am now able to use my arm with no pain.

-Best staff ever

Latasha W.

I had severe headaches going up the back of my head to the to the top. My severe headaches I have had no more. The therapy was very good, so helpful. Very good therapist.

Dolores C.

I came to Altitude after my surgery on a recommendation of a close friend who is a Physical Therapist. I was not sure how my experience was going to be. I can testify that it was hard work but Sean never let me give up. With the positive and friendly attitude of the staff and Sean I was able to reach the goals that were set for me. I will be forever grateful to Altitude Physical Therapy for their help to make me an active person again. It has been a wonderful experience. If I ever need Physical Therapy again I will be back!

Jeryl O.

When I first started my physical therapy on June 1, 2017, I walked in using a walker and could not use my right leg and foot very much. I was very weak on most of my right side, I couldn’t walk up or down stairs, and I couldn’t get into a car with or without help. Thanks to Alex and Boyd with all the physical therapy that was provided by them. I am happy to say that today, June 30, 2017 I am now walking without a walker. I am no longer using a wheelchair, and able to walk up and down the stairs. I now have my strength back and getting ready to return back to work. Thank you Alex and Boyd for all your hard work, support and just for being so great at what you do. Thank you to all the staff at Altitude Physical Therapy, you are amazing.

Amie G.

Before coming to A.P.T. I was having trouble just moving. It hurt to move and it hurt to move and to walk. I have learned to tighten my core muscles. When I walk in my R.V. park I start to hurt, and then I remember to tighten my core muscles and I feel much better, and I am now going to the YMCA and doing water aerobics.

Karen W.

Sean is a great physical therapist. He explained what he was doing and why. I was shown simple exercises and in just a few weeks I am on the mend. Sean and his staff made me feel like family; he has a great sense of humor! I would rate my experience with Altitude Physical Therapy 5 stars.

Randall L.

Thank you Boyd and Gina for helping motivate me as well as pushing me to have such a speedy recovery from my meniscus surgery. Hopefully I won’t require further p.t. but if I ever do , I will gladly request your facility.

Lisa B.