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Running Club- Training Programs

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Training Programs-

Couch to 5K program

Couch to 5k weeks 5-8

Couch to 5k weeks 9-12

Couch to 5k weeks 13-16

Couch to 5k weeks 17-22

Beginner 10K program

Beginner 10k weeks 5-8

Beginner 10k weeks 9-12

Beginner 10k weeks 13-16

Begginner 10k weeks 17-22

Advanced 10K program

Advanced 10k weeks 5-8

Advanced 10k weeks 9-12

Advanced 10k weeks 13-16

Beginner Half Marathon program

Beginner Half Marathon weeks 5-8

Beginner Half weeks 9-12

Beginner half weeks 13-16

Beginner half marathon weeks 17-22

Advanced Half Marathon program

Advanced Half Marathon weeks 5-8

Advanced Half weeks 9-12

Advanced Half weeks 13-16

Advanced Half Marathon weeks 17-22


What pace should I run?  Talk to Alex or Sean to help you get an idea for what your target pace should be on the various running days. Some examples include:

Conversation/Recovery Pace– Generally a slower pace than your normal race pace. Used on easier and recovery days.  Conversation pace and slower (could sing comfortably). Perceived effort of a 4-5 on a 0-10 scale.  About 65-70% of max heart rate.

Tempo Runs- Faster pace, as fast as you could keep up for about an hour.  Can speak in sentences.  Perceived effort 7-8/10.  About 80-90% of max heart rate.